Metric World

Metric World characters that teach your kids

Metric World is a FREE, entertaining, learning resource for children and teachers K-6.

There's a good reason why the metric system is No.1 around the world and why we in America, are now learning this international language of meters, liters and grams. It's the simplest, most logical and effective way of measuring. Measurement in some form or another is involved in everything we do - in the meals we eat, the homes we live in, the clothes we wear, our working life and in our leisure activities. The metric system has become an integral part of our everyday life and fundamental to compete in a world economy.

Our animated features, live action videos, and songs demonstrate the essentials of the metric system. We make it interesting with brilliant color and beautifully animated award-winning characters.

Adults also find themselves enjoying the humor in each video as they discover how much they can learn about metrics.

Our video library and songs have been restored and remastered. It's perfect for the classroom and home-school. Read-along songs strengthen reading skills while learning metrics. All the media is simple to play on all internet devices from smart T.V.'s to smartphones with the new HTML5 video compliant browsers.

Enter a world of fantasy that makes learning entertaining and engaging, for a reward that will be reflected in good measure. LAUGH and LEARN!

40 Titles, approximately 580 minutes/26 Original Songs is a member of the United States Metric Association (USMA)